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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Organizing all the things

I have been in the worst food-prep rut for years. YEARS, PEOPLE. I haven't had any motivation to prepare meals, to meal plan, to grocery shop, etc. It started when we moved to West Jordan and Kev was never home, and I had a terribly picky two-year old who only ate waffles, tuna sandwiches, and cookies.

Then we moved to our new house and I kept using the "we just moved!" excuse. Then I got pregnant and food made me barf and have wicked heartburn. Then I had a baby-who-only-slept-while held and I could barely be alive let alone cook.


I'm now out of excuses.

Recently, Cami posted this simple grocery list that appealed to me. I know I could organize my own list on a regular, blank piece of paper, but here she had already done the work for me and it's so cute.

Combined with the meal planning worksheet I printed years ago in Ogden, I felt like I could actually stop sucking at dinner.

Over the weekend I committed to going through my recipes, writing up an organized grocery list, and planning the meals for the week. I don't know why I'm surprised I feel so much less like a crazy person when I'm not wondering what on earth I can throw together for dinner at 3pm every day.

Now I just need to go the extra mile and put the menu in a frame so I can write on it with a dry-erase marker and save myself the hassle of printing new copies. Maybe I could even do something similar with my grocery list so I can wipe it clean after each shopping trip. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.

But I'm getting ahead of myself; we'll just see if I can keep up the good work and plan meals consistently. I still have years of Martha Stewart Living magazines to go through so I can pull out all those recipe cards I intended to pull out at the moment I read them... wish me luck.

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