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Monday, August 03, 2015

Lincoln's first haircut

Have you ever spent nearly an entire day tugging at your baby's hair, lamenting its length and uncanny ability to hold onto food particles? Well, I did that last week. I just kept trying to push it behind his ears and out of his eyes but it looked stringy and gross.

As a result, right before baby bedtime on Friday I decided to cut Lincoln's hair. I've never cut hair with scissors before (I usually only buzz Kev's neckline for him) and I didn't have time to watch any videos for tips. But that's how I roll, ok?! I'm wacky and impulsive and not obsessed with schedules!

Kev was working swing so he wasn't home to stop me. I gave Aspen the camera and she proceeded to take a billion photos throughout the process, some of them actually including Linc. Others included the deck, her feet, the dogs on the lawn, a tree, and my bum.

Despite the struggle to get a wiggly little man to hold still, I think it turned out pretty well! Now he no longer has wings of hair over his ears, and the top of his hair isn't nearly in his eyes. He looks like a respectable little menace, now. I'll probably even attempt it again when he's due for another trim in a few weeks. It sure beats paying Cookie Cutters $15 for a balloon (but Imma still take Aspen there because you can't as easily get away with giving your daughter a buzz-cut when you mess up her hair).

The real trouble will be getting a good photo of the whole thing, and not just one side of his head, or his backside as he's running away from me.

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