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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Aspen starts Kindergarten

Aspen just started her second week of Kindergarten and we're all like, YAY!!

The first day, I raced home from work in time to walk Aspen to school, but Linc woke up just as Kev got in the shower (his day off) and I was about to walk out the door. So I had to make that poor little girl practically RUN to her first day of school so we wouldn't be late after changing Linc and strapping him into a stroller. I felt so badly! It was at least 90* and she was wearing her backpack and trying to talk to me about everything and she was so winded by the time we got to school.

But, she had insisted on walking rather than riding in the sit 'n stand stroller, so I guess I can't feel too awful about it.

The rest of the week I tried to stick to walking, and even though it was a million degrees, we did well most days. It's still a little tricky with Linc's nap schedule (ALL OVER THE PLACE THANKS TEETH), but I know both kids really love the walk. Also, I love how on the walk home, Aspen gets to eat her snack and decompress a little. I've learned (from her two years of dance class) not to question her about the day, and instead to let her volunteer information as she's ready. The walk home gives her that time to figure out what she'd like to share with me once we're at the house and unpacking her bag. It's a good system!

On her first day I took a bunch of selfies with her, and in all of them she's ignoring the camera and looking over at the line of kids waiting to go in. She wanted me to leave so badly. But each day I took her, Linc and I sat in the shade and waited until she walked into the school with her teacher and classmates.

This Monday, though, she wanted me to wait at the fence surrounding the playground and let her walk to the school herself. I didn't have any problem having her in school last week. It was so nice to have her back in a semblance of a schedule and out of the house. Yesterday, however, as I watched her walk across the big, huge field, backpack bouncing against her body, I almost cried. She looked so little as she wound her way through the crowds of kids at recess. As she got closer to her class lineup, Linc and I casually walked a little closer to the school ourselves. I just had to make sure she went in safely with her teacher. We hid in the shade of a tree, though, so as not to damage Aspen's sense of independence.

I'm so glad she loves school and that she's adjusting well. And I'm really glad that sometimes Linc naps while she's gone and I have some time all by myself!!

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  1. The teacher allowed me and my son to tour her facility, and actually encouraged parents to aid in their child's transition by attending the Phoenix pre-k for a week with child.


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