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Friday, October 16, 2015

Jammin' with the Village People

On early-out day (and after a million errands) we made our way to Gardner Village for an afternoon. Apparently, so did EVERYONE ELSE. It was so busy. But it was so much fun and it was so warm and sunny and beautiful.

We casually walked around searching for witches, but didn't do the real scavenger hunt because I didn't want to stress. I knew eventually I'd let Linc out of the stroller, too, so I didn't want to worry about helping Aspen with her paper while keeping Linc out of trouble.

The line for face painting was super-short, so Aspen got one of the free designs. It was nice to let her get spoiled with that while Linc and I watched the ducks.

There was music playing from the stage and Linc was seriously bustin' moves. He was hopping and kicking his feet and spinning in circles. It was awesome.

He also had to touch ALL THE PUMPKINS. At least the ones at the village were too big and he couldn't pick them up. The ones at the grocery store, FYI, are light enough that he can and will pick them up and throw them on the floor. Lesson learned.

It's always nice to go to the Village in the fall because it's so lively and the decorations are wonderful. There are so many great places to snap a photo of the kids and to see them enjoy themselves.

Before we left, Aspen asked to play on the stage. Both kids just loved jumping and dancing around for a while. I loved watching them have such a good time together. They get along so well and I'm so glad. I mean, usually they're trying to kill each other when they're tucked into the bike trailer together... but other than that they're great.

We also saw a 3.5 week-old bull, who is soon to be employed by Chick Fil A! Fancy! It was exciting to meet an almost-celebrity. I look forward to $2 Tuesdays this winter in the petting zoo. I wanted to head over on this visit just to check it out, but we spent so long dancing on the stage that Aspen got tuckered out and asked to go home.

Now that I know Linc wants to nap only in the morning (so weird!) I'm going to try to make Aspen's early-out day our family field trip day. It'll be so wonderful to get out of the house again!! I'm no longer a complete shut-in!!

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