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Monday, October 19, 2015

The Heber Creeper

I have childhood memories of riding the Heber Creeper and visiting The Homestead, and that's probably why I'm obsessed with Heber/Midway/Park City now. Amidst all the crazy that was my family as a kid, at least we managed to do a few awesome things!

Kimberly was taking her family over the weekend, and it just so happened Kev had it off work so I bought tickets to piggy-pack on her outing. I'm proactive like that.

In October they have a Pumpkin Train and I mistakenly thought we'd be riding the train to a pumpkin patch to cut pumpkins fresh off the vine. Turns out there was a boxcar fully stocked with little pumpkins that we walked through in the semi-dark. HAHAHAHA!! I laughed at my misunderstanding. Aspen was a little disappointed, but once she was surrounded by pumpkins in the train car she was fine. We'll have to do Mabey Farms next year, or even Black Island Farm to get the real patch experience.

Before leaving the station, we got to watch kettle corn being made fresh, and Linc was obsessed with the dog at the booth. He nearly climbed out the window while yelling, "DOGGIE!"

I had the day ideally planned out: We'd get the kids up by 7, have Linc napping as usual by 9, and be out the door to Heber by 1030. But turns out Linc wanted to sleep in until 830 (hallelujah) so he didn't get a nap until we got home at 330. I thought his head might explode, but we survived! It went so much better than I feared it could have without a nap (and also despite me getting severely car sick and threatening to barf on the side of the road... oops).

Oh, it was so beautiful. The day was slightly cloudy and very cool. The air was fresh and delicious! The train ride is only 20 minutes out and then 20 minutes back, and it was the perfect amount of time. They had some fun activities to engage the kids, plus a free cookie!

When the train reached Charleston, we got to see the engine ride by to get hooked up on the other end to pull us back to the station. I thought about how much my Grandpa Vito would love to see pictures from this outing *sad face*.

While we waited for the pumpkin car line to thin out, the kids had a blast putting things down the storm drain. Linc even got his fat little paw stuck in the grate. Gotta teach him to let go of the rock before trying to pull his hand out. Aspen was such a sweetie and kept finding him little things to put down the drain. I love watching them together!

After our ride, Kimberly and Brad treated us to some amazing pizza at The Junction Pizzeria on Main Street. It was so nice to spend time with them again. I just wish we lived closer! Still, we're doing a really good job getting together almost every month despite work schedules and distance trying to keep us apart.

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