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Monday, January 11, 2016

Letters to Lincoln, month 19


I shouldn't be surprised by how verbal you are, but I am. It seems like you're learning dozens of new words every day. You refer to yourself as "ME!" or "Linky" and it's so cute. When I walk down the hall, you yell "ME come!" If I try to go downstairs to do laundry, you yell "ME come!" When we look at photos in our Chatbooks, you yell "BABY! Linky!" I love it. You're also identifying objects around the house now, like table, chair, couch, and the various toys that have exploded all over every room. You have a name for everyone except Aspen, although we're working on it so hard. I've at least got you making a pronounced "P" sound for Penny. I think it breaks her heart a little that you won't say anything for her yet, but you WILL say the name of Uncle Seth's dog.

You're always falling down and falling off of things and there's always a bump, bruise or cut on you (usually your FACE). You love to run and sing and jump and ride on a little fire truck toy Uncle Seth gave us. You love to play with Aspen and you LOVE to follow her into the bathroom. She lets you pull out the toilet paper for her, and then she takes you over to the sink and helps you wash hands just like her. I finally had to buy a second stool so both of you could be at the sink at the same time without fighting.

You don't like going to nursery at church by yourself, but I think the problem is me dropping you off. But with Dada working all but 1 Sunday every month, I don't really have much of a choice. When your Tia Phia was visiting over Christmas she was able to take you and leave you in there after a few minutes and it was awesome. But since that's a luxury we don't have every week, it looks like I'm now an unofficial member of the nursery.

You love to take walks and you love seeing the buses when we take Aspen to and from school. If Dada is home and takes Aspen instead of us, you're very disappointed to miss out. BUT!! Here's something amazing- you've transitioned your naps from morning to afternoon, so now I get about 1.5 hours to myself every afternoon while you nap and your sister is at school! YAY!! It also makes taking you to work in the morning much easier, since you're not begging for a nap before my shift is up.

Aspen and your dad wanted you to get a real big-kid hair cut this month, so I bit the bullet and you got a little faux hawk. Even though you screamed through most of the cut, it turned out really cute. BUT I STILL HATE IT. If you're going to act like a baby all the time, then I think you should look like one, too.

Aspen is thrilled because she says that when she dreams about you, your hair is always in a mohawk and you're three years old. So her life has just been made. And Dada prefers you with this short hair because he must have a cold black heart. JUST KIDDING. It really is a great cut on you and I'm just feeling really sorry for your future wife someday because I obviously have issues.

When Aspen was about this age, we got obsessed with hearing her say the world 'salsa.' There's actually a video of her saying it in her 19-month blog post (which can be seen below). So I had to do the same for you:

We love you little guy!


See Aspen's monthly letter HERE.

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