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Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

For Valentine's Day, I've resorted to the same approach- surf and turf for dinner and zero expectations. Since Kev doesn't actually like many types of seafood, I make sure to invite Seth over and we just have a big family dinner to celebrate love. He helps me eat the shrimp and Kev can have just a little bit more steak on his plate to make up for the lack of surf.

Aspen was really excited because this year I actually put out a few decorations. I have a hanging chalkboard banner that I put a new saying on every month, and it's been commanding "BE MINE" since February started. I also scored this ceramic cake stand from the Target Dollar Spot a few weeks ago, as well as the "XO" glitter letters. She just loves decorating for the holidays, and I usually only do that for Christmas. So this is a big. Freakin. Deal.

We also worked on a fancy new dessert together. And while it looks absolutely nothing like what we referred to in the Martha Steward magazine, they probably tasted just as good. It involved a lot of steps, which meant Aspen got to drag out the fun for two whole days while we let the ice cream set a couple of different times before doing the next part.

It was a nice dinner, made even more fun with Sophia and Jose were also able to join us and then spend the night. Aspen loved being able to visit with them on President's Day and have some extra time with them. And as is customary, I did finish the taxes the day before Valentine's Day so Kev's "gift" could be a refund. You're welcome.

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