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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Letters to Lincoln, month 20

Linky Lou-

Hiya bud! You're fully-versed in the terrible twos already! WEEEEE!!!

In all fairness, we were hit with a lot of sickness in January that made all of us miserable. First there was the virus, then the colds, and your two-year molars. So that's a valid excuse for you having been extra-whiny and clingy and a teensy bit unbearable this month. We were quarantined for a looooong time but near the end of January we started emerging from the petri dish our house had become.

Right now you ask to watch the "Choo-choo show" at least once a day, and I discovered you mean Chuggington, and not Thomas. That's pretty disappointing because Chuggington is annoying. How can those trains properly conduct their business when they're constantly lifting their wheels off the tracks?! And there's a train that can fly. That doesn't seem legit to me. But, it's the only show you'll actually sit and watch for ten minutes so I can have a break from holding your hand.

Speaking of affection- when we see Aspen emerge from school you immediately leave my side and run to grab her. You just LOVE going to get her. And before naps and bedtime you find her and give her a hug and say "night-night!" It's so cute I can hardly stand it. But on the flip side, you also hit her a lot. We're working on quelling your anger because it's not cool that you're already trying to beat up your older sister.

You've entered a bad-eating-phase and I honestly don't know how you function on so little nourishment. If I am lucky enough to get you to actually sit down and ingest food, I usually have to hold it for you and put every bite into your mouth. You have very little interest in doing it yourself.

I love your vocabulary lately- especially since you now say "Penny" all the time! We were all so happy to hear you commit to a name for your sister. Many mornings it's the first thing you say to me when I get you out of your crib. We also really love the way you say "potato." It's just really great.

With the sickness and teething you've had the last month, Dada spent a lot of nights sleeping on your bedroom floor. You were waking up every hour or so, and with him being in there, you more quickly went back to sleep. It makes me want to figure out how you and Aspen could share a room, because I think you'd like it. I was relieved that Dad could at least get some sleep, even if you were waking him up often. And he didn't have to drag himself across the hall or even get up at all to shush you and let you know you weren't alone. Hopefully as those teeth settle in you'll get back to sleeping better and getting the rest you need.

Your favorite songs right now are still the ones we sing in nursery- Jumbo Elephant, The Wheels on the Bus, something about a duck and, of course, I still sing you the Ben Folds song that has soothed you since your infancy- The Luckiest. You seem to love music and you even do a lot of the actions for songs now without prompting.

You love to get undressed and try to pull off your diaper all the time. Thankfully we haven't had any incidents if ya know what I mean... But we'll see.

So, that's you right now in a nutshell, Linc.

We love you.


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