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Thursday, January 29, 2009


No offense to the PH or anything, but I'd like to move. I'm positively killing myself by looking at jobs in Salt Lake county. There are so many more than Weber county!! Ugh.

So... Um... Since I don't want to commute from Ogden to SLC (gag) I think I'm going to consider moving. And by "I" I mean "Kev and I" because I'm not moving without him. Or Maddie.

Would anyone like to buy a house without closets? C'mon... I did it! So can you!

I talked with Seth today and he's pretty enthusiastic about me and Kev moving closer to him. What more encouragement do I need? In all seriousness though, Kev and I both feel there aren't any opportunities keeping us in Ogden, so it may be time to kick it in high gear and learn how to finish those closets ourselves. Then we can sell the PH and get outta this super stagnant job market. Besides, if Kev can't find work in the next couple of months, we'd have to sell the house anyway. I can't afford all the bills on my salary alone, so it would only be a matter of time before we'd have to give up the luxury of home ownership and rent a dive somewhere.

For reals, why didn't anyone warn me that growing up is not exactly fun? I did not envision myself in situations like this when I dreamt of graduating from college and working full-time. I thought those things were supposed to be rewards, not the final nails in my coffin.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have the super-fun task of turning over some accounts to collections and awaiting phone calls from enraged parents and students.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Domino Magazine is folding. That totally stinks.

The good news is that Conde Nast will more-than-likely offer up another publication to replace existing subscriptions, but the bad news is that they don't have anything else like Domino. That's why I picked it in the first place.


Not only is the magazine folding, but the website is closing down as well. Think of all the people who will now have to hope to be reassigned to other projects. Yikes. I suppose I should stop complaining about not receiving the magazine because I still have a paycheck.

So.. Jess? Sophia? Sorry my gifts to you kinda sorta expired. But hopefully you get to choose a magazine to replace Domino.

Delight in Light

The fixture above the dining room table "fell" down last week. I suppose it could be more accurately described as such:

The pull cord (yes, it's a ceiling fixture with a pull cord that dangles over the table) wasn't functioning so I stood on top of the table to hold the fixture to the ceiling while pulling a little harder. Nothing. Light stayed on. Fixture, on the other hand, began to pull away from the ceiling.


So. Live wires. Home alone. Only two hands. Somehow I juggled the hot bulbs, hot fixture and live wires successfully and detached the fixture from the wires it would have otherwise dangled from until Kev got home. I didn't get electrocuted. Although, Maddie was watching the whole time and I'm pretty sure that if something had happened she would've let herself out of the house and gone for help.

Anyway. The fixture was poorly mounted and wasn't exactly secured to the ceiling by anything other than insulation threaded over a bracket. Awesome. I'm using that as an excuse to once again browse new fixtures to replace the old one. I've always planned to do this, but never had a real reason. I'm tired of eating in the dark, so maybe I'll find something this weekend at IKEA. Maybe? Ha, that's more like a definite. Check out these fixtures from the website:

Fado $24.99 (10" diameter) Fado $39.99 (12" diameter)

When I looked at West Elm's clearance a while back I noticed that fabulous pendant with the exposed light bulb and fell hard. Thankfully, IKEA has the much more affordable and somewhat comparable Fado. Like it? I love the black. The Rutbo (below) is kind of a wild card. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Two windows in the dining nook provide wonderful light, as does the light in the kitchen, so it isn't necessary to have harsh direct light over the table.

Rutbo $39.99

When I was originally designing the kitchen/dining combo space, I couldn't take my eyes off the Kulla fixture. It was the perfect match to the industrial, red fan that Kev bought for the kitchen. But now that the budget is more of a concern, the Kulla fixture is out. Plus, Kev wants to take the red fan with us when we move, so getting a matching fixture in the dining room doesn't make sense long-term.

I'm so excited to go to IKEA this weekend. I'm practically salivating just thinking about browsing lights.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Delight in Target and BB&B

This "College" ottoman is my cheap alternative to the ottoman I'm still coveting from Target (see below). If I bought two of these, it would probably be sufficient for storing the blankets in the front room, and maybe I could cram the two pillows (which are always floating around the room) inside when not in use.

This piece is what I really love. It's faux leather, which will add another textural demension to my living room. It's also a bench, which will contrast nicely next to the two LACK tables functioning as a coffee table in front of the couch. I don't necessarily want to repeat the pattern of the two tables with two small ottomans next to them. This continuous line would look fantastic under the window.

I know the point is that these ottomans nest, but I would prefer if I could just get two faux-leather ottomans of the same size for the price of these. Regardless, good storage. Nice lines.

I don't know why you'd need a more expensive version of the aforementioned Target bench, but here it is anyway. The reviews for the Target bench were almost all positive, with the exception of a few lemons here and there with poor construction. So... maybe the BB&B bench will offer less stray staples and errant folds of fabric.

Whichever way you vote, just don't tell me you support the Target bench. I will cry with frustration because it won't be finding its way into my living room any time soon. Unless Maddie gets a job (lazy bum, she could be working instead of sleeping all day!).

Joke's On Me

Ok, I get it.

Don't verbalize your hate of Mother Nature. She has tricks up her sleeves.

This morning the inside of all my windows were covered in ice. Not the outside. Just the inside.

I'm sorry MN. I take it back. I don't hate YOU. I just hate cold/ice/snow/hail. Please don't take that as a personal attack.

Please don't frost the inside of my windows again.

Monday, January 26, 2009

And The Fun Continues

I kind of wish that when I slipped this morning while scraping the ice off my windshield that I had fallen all the way and broken my arm or something.

Then I wouldn't be sitting at my desk today.

When I sat down with my predecessor to discuss this job and learn things from her last spring, I should not have taken lightly her statement that some mornings she wished she'd slip on the ice and fracture her leg while walking to work. I should have taken that as a serious sign of things to come instead of brushing it off as general frustration with a company she'd been working for for too many years. Instead, we laughed it off and moved on.

Now I feel exactly how she did.


It's Definitely Monday

Twenty minutes to dig my car out of the snow this morning. In my high heels and skirt.

I hate Utah.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Fill the Void

I firmly believe in the benefits of retail therapy, as long as the session is conducted in the grocery store, ROSS or in thrift shops. In those venues I can convince myself that a little bit of money will go a long way and the spending won't get out of control.

Clever, no?

See... if I go to the grocery store and buy food that I need, I can talk myself into feeling like I've had a successful session in retail therapy. Money was exchanged for goods. Would I rather exchange money for goods in ROSS? Yes. But until Kev and I have closets, I really don't need to buy more clothes. And IKEA is definitely out of the question. Except for at the end of this month when I'm going to pick up a tray for Kev's bureau and some spicy shelf things for the kitchen. Then my spices won't have to sit on a small side table next to the fridge. On the other side of the kitchen.

I digress.

What I'm saying is that I am so stressed right now that all I want to do is go shopping. But the money situation is partly why I'm stressed, so shopping will only exacerbate the problem.

Vicious cycle.

Maybe I should punch-dance it out.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Will Work For Food

We're somewhere around week 3 of Kev being unemployed.

Guys, the economy sucks.

With that being said, I'd also like to add that inversion sucks. Utah's air quality is so bad right now that the news labels it "unhealthy" for the general public. What does that mean for those with respiratory issues? Yeah. It's even worse.

With the inversion comes the stench of the Ogden dog food plant. Ugh. I can smell it all the way at the University. The plant is like, a million miles away. Ok, maybe it's more like 20 blocks south and quite a few blocks west. But that's still pretty far.

It rained for about 30 seconds this morning. Just enough to bring more clouds down. I can't even see Ben Lomond peak today.

On my wish list: employment and real precipitation.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dream Weaver

I made the mistake of looking at

I accidentally looked at vacation packages to San Francisco.

Right now, a 5-night stay in a three-star hotel is running around $300 per person in February. If we wanted to spend a little bit more pretend-money, we could stay at the same hotel in which we honeymooned for $555 per person. If I finagle the dates a bit, I can get it to drop to $444 per person. For that price, I got ONE ticket to freezing cold Maine this winter. The thought that I could go to San Fran AND pay for a hotel for the same price just kills me!!

Oh how I wish Kev and I could go.

(The best part = the Hilton in the Financial District allows pets! So does Hotel Nikko, which is a place Kev and I want to stay some day.)

Or I could just bag San Fran altogether and stay 3 nights in the Stratosphere Casino in Vegas for $247 per person.

Must. Stop. Now.

Delight in Old Navy

I have an older style of these capris in black and electric blue. I LOVE THEM.

Cross-Front Tanks $15

Perfect for layering. I have a couple of these from a few seasons ago. I couldn't live without them until I bought the even longer ones without lace trim. $5 EACH!! Look for those. I couldn't find them online today, but when they go on sale I usually buy 4.


I have a couple of jersey skirts from ROSS, and I love them. I don't need a slip. They're light in the summer. Long enough for winter. Machine washable. Great for dressing up or down.

It can be hard to sift through the clearance at ON, but it's so worth it. I always find gems.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Franklin's Princess

I'm not sure when Jeshua decided to grow up, but he didn't ask me about it. It's still shocking to see wedding photos. Julia recently posted this and I had to steal it. They look so great!

When my family arrived at the reception, we had Steve and Elise's toddler Franklin with us. I told him Julia was a princess, and that's what he called her for the rest of the night. If he got bored of me and my sister, he'd ask us where the princess went.

If the shoe fits... WEAR IT.

She looked beautiful.

Human Rights

I was able to spend an hour watching the inauguration this morning while at work.

As I always say, I'm not huge on politics, but this was awesome to witness.

I'm just happy to live in an America where someone "who may not have been served in a diner 60 years ago" can be elected President.

Good job America. Segregation is so lame.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Delight in West Elm

I can't afford most things from West Elm, but that can't stop me from looking, especially in the sale section. You should look too.

Low Metal Headboard and Frame, select sizes

Ceramic Elephant, $29

Globe Pendant, $129

Kasbah Towels $6-$19

Natural Soaps, $10 (with FREE shipping!)

Got MLK?

Don't worry, mine is the only department open on campus today. So if you need anything, please feel free to stop by.

Or you can just point and laugh since there's absolutely nothing to do but I'm stuck in the office for the next 7 hours.

Here's to hoping Kev finds a job soon because it is obviously so rewarding to work and I want to share that joy with him.

Friday, January 16, 2009


NieNie is back.

A Little Goes a Long Way

My mom always forgets to unearth a few gifts at Christmas. There's always a little extra something hidden in a drawer or behind clothes in the closet or under the bed. She always finds them after all the festivities have died down.

This year was no exception.

I came home from work on Thursday to find wrapped presents waiting for me on the coffee table. My mom had forgotten to give me and Kev a bag of Potato Pearls (THE BEST instant mashed potatoes in the world) and the Red Album from Weezer. My Martha Stewart Living also happened to come in the mail so it was like Christmas all over again.

It made me realize that even though there was one day left in the work week, I'd survive.

Thanks Gail!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Delight in Pottery Barn

Striped Sphere Ornament $3.99

Acorn Ornaments $4.99-$6.00

Amanda Napkins $26.99

White Pumpkin Candles $9.99-$24.99

Baroque Salad Plates $16.99 set of 4

Ok, the baroque plates are fantastic. My personal favorite of the Holiday clearance at PB. But lemme tell ya, I have about 2 dozen salad plates. In varying colors and sizes. I don't need more.

Maybe you should buy them and invite me over for dinner so I can stare at them.

Growing Pains

I was in bed last night at 9, reading the diary of Anne Frank. By 9:25, I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.

Fully-clothed, I put the book aside and fell asleep. Kev woke me at some point when he came in to watch TV. I rolled over.

At midnight I finally got up to peel my contacts out of my head and change into PJs.

I'm getting old.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

On the LPod

On the way to work this morning, I listened to John Denver and the Muppets.

Why? Because my sister gave me the CD for Christmas and I haven't had time to listen to it until now.

I'm going to finish the album at my desk this morning since no one else comes in for an hour or so.

It should be pretty great.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Stop and Smell the Roses

I enjoyed this link today. I'm on the hunt for a tray or some sort of shallow storage for Kev's dresser and I found some options there.

This link is also from Design*Sponge, but it boasts a more budget-friendly selection.

Check it out.

PS Can you tell the latest issue of Domino is now out? Yup. Joyful!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Huge Sigh

Finally, after over a year, I sorted and organized photos for printing. It's not that they weren't already filed in my computer according to date... it's just that the printable ones weren't separated from the unprintable ones... thus making it a huge task to order prints. A task that seemed to get more and more overwhelming with each month that passed.

But this morning I got up and spent just two hours going through the photos on my computer. I spent about $30 to get nearly 250 prints from Walmart's online photo center.

The best part is that I'm getting them delivered to my house. Which means that next weekend when they arrive, I'll have something fun to keep me busy!! It also gives me time to get another album since the one that's currently awaiting photos will probably fill up before I'm done sorting the last years' worth of prints...

I can't believe I let it go this far. Never again will I wait over a year to print photos. Shame on me.

Friday, January 09, 2009

IKEA, an Unforgotten Love

You probably thought I'd grown out of my IKEA obsession.

You thought wrong. And in my boredom this evening, I will provide you with so much useless information in multiple posts that even you'll wish that I had something to do on a Friday night!

I'm still cooking up ideas for improving the house. Kev just organized the top of his dresser recently, and it made me yearn for a cohesive space on that side of the room so his things could stay organized. The poor man has a habit of just dropping his wallet/phone/change/receipt/mp3 player/pocket knife/dog on the top of the dresser when he walks into the room. The only problem with that is he soon runs out of space and allows his things to take up residence on the neighboring dresser. Which is mine.

Another thing that bothers me about this is the height difference between the two dressers. As things slowly shift to the top of my dresser, Kev finds that much to his delight, he can stack things pretty high and they will safely lean up against the side of his dresser quite nicely.

I get anxious just thinking about the leaning pile of crap-o-la.

My proposed solution? Save up $300 and buy this:

The bad news- it's $300 retail. The good news- I usually see at least one of these in the As-Is section every time I go to IKEA. I'd prefer the black/brown since the other dresser and nightstands are red, and I hope to get a black/brown bedframe someday... so here's to hoping a match shows up in the As-Is by the time I've put aside some moola for it.

The width of this dresser would allow me to get bowls or small dishes on which Kev could place his belongings. A long while ago I got some Asian-style snack plates and bowls from Alissa, and I've recently put one plate to use by the front door for my keys and cell phone. I'm telling you, it's like a miracle. I no longer search frantically for my keys each morning! I know exactly where they are!

The drawer capacity is sufficient for both of us to store clothes as well. Actually, maybe not at the moment, but I hope that by the time I've saved up money to purchase this dresser the closets will be done too.

I think I might need a miracle.

CB2 Deja Vu

More links to CB2 for your window-shopping pleasure.

Andes, Inca and Urpu Vases

Tilt Vases

Sprout Bottle Vases

Teardrop Diamond Hanging Vase

Teardrop Hanging Vase

It makes me wish I had more surface area in my house on which to display these pretty vases- with or without fresh flowers.

Maybe if I can someday get the 2nd bedroom unpacked and organized...

Quote for My Life

"There's a time for's called 'later'."

The best part about this quote? It's printed on the inside of my chocolate wrapper. The wrapper from the chocolate that I'm eating for lunch.

Traded the House for the Mobile Home

Thursday, January 08, 2009

CB2 Overload

The only thing I've ever purchased for myself from CB2 is a flower pot. It's the very pot that now houses a dead plant since it (the plant) couldn't sustain life in the bitter cold house while Kev and I were in Maine.


Anyway. While taking a quick break from slave labor i.e. working I browsed my newest CB2 catalogue. And fell in love. If only I needed more dishes.

Calla Dinnerware

Lotus Dinnerware

Lamina Dinnerware

Wilma Dinnerware

Comma Plate

Cheers Glasses

And if you're like me and interested in Christmas clearance, CB2 has some fantastic deals on ornaments and pretty little things. So check it out since quantities are limited.